Adrian Martin

DAAD-Gastprofessor für Filmwissenschaft (SS 2013, WS 2013/14)

Sprechstunde, Kontakt und Veranstaltungen

Adrian Martin is DAAD-Gastprofessor für Filmwissenschaft – the DAAD Guest Professor in Film Studies during April 2013 to March 2014.

Since 1979, he has combined work as a professional writer and film critic with a university career. He was film reviewer for the Australian newspaper The Age between 1995 and 2006. His research interests span popular and avant-garde cultures, and he is a specialist in the international history of film theory and criticism. His books include Phantasms: The Dreams and Drives of Popular Culture (Penguin 1994), Once Upon a Time in America (British Film Institute 1997), The Mad Max Movies (2003), Raúl Ruiz: sublimes obsesiones (Altamira 2004), What is Modern Cinema? (Uqbar 2008) and Last Day Every Day (Punctum 2012, Spanish-language edition 2013). He is the Co-Editor of the books Movie Mutations: The Changing Face of World Cinephilia (BFI 2003) and Raúl Ruiz: Images of Passage (Rouge/Rotterdam Film Festival 2004), as well as the journals LOLA ( and Screening the Past ( He has contributed chapters to dozens of scholarly books, on Vincente Minnelli, Edgar Ulmer, Fritz Lang, François Truffaut, Tod Browning, Jean-Luc Godard, etc. He has written literally thousands of reviews and essays on film and other arts in hundreds of publications including Trafic, Sight and Sound, Film Comment, Rouge, Transit, Film International, Secuencias, Parkett, Movie, Art & Text, La Tempestad, Cinema Papers, etc. He has had regular columns in De Filmkrant (Netherlands) and Caiman (Spain) since 2007. In Australia he has won the Byron Kennedy Award (Australian Film Institute) and the Pascall Prize for Critical Writing, and his 2006 PhD on theories of film style received the Mollie Holman Award.



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